What is an Empath?

An Empath is someone who is able to pick up on energy other than their own. They often can sense the mental and emotional state of others. Many people don’t realize that they are Empaths but, rather misdiagnose the symptoms as signs of something else.

Every Empath is different but, if you are an Empath, you will be able to relate to most of the characteristics listed below:

  • People are drawn to you. They feel unusually comfortable sharing not only their life stories but also their personal struggles with you.
  • You love to help others. However, you have to be careful to not put the needs of others above your own.
  • You dislike and are not good at small talk. You would much rather have deep conversations about something that requires open minds and a whole lot of contemplation.
  • You are a natural healer and are often found working in healing related professions: doctors, nurses, counselors, massage therapists, etc.
  • You feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed and probably even drained when around large groups of people. You often need time alone to recharge.
  • Natural peacekeepers are usually Empaths. You prefer to avoid confrontation. When you do get angry, it isn’t for long.
  • Nature and animals are your preferred company. They help you feel recharged because their energy is pure and commonly not complicated.
  • You are probably very creative, imaginative, inquisitive and affectionate.
  • People tell you more than what they are saying with their body language, tone and energy. This allows you to recognize when someone is being truthful or not.
  • Although Empaths can spot a lie, your loving nature bypasses that intuitive feeling and you give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • You stay clear of the news because it can make you feel emotionally overwhelmed.
  • Some Empaths can even feel the physical ailments and/or emotional struggles of others without even trying. This can cause an Empath to appear to have sudden “mood swings”. However, it’s actually the Empath picking up on another person’s energy.

If you believe you are an Empath, these abilities can be a blessing or a curse. They are what you make of them and it’s totally your choice. How will you move forward with your new found powers?

I’m a Spiritual Medium, Now What?

When I finally accepted the fact that I am a Spiritual Medium, I was in a rush to learn. I was also eager to help anyone and everyone. Unfortunately, that is not how it works but, that didn’t stop me from trying though. The truth is developing spiritual abilities takes time and patience. I’m always growing and learning and that’s what this blog is all about.

Accepting your spiritual abilities is one thing but, understanding them is a whole other thing. It’s difficult to find trustworthy information online or even in books. With my strong desire to move forward on my spiritual journey, it was easy to want to spend money on webinars, online courses and retreats. But, something in me said to wait. Sure, there are totally authentic sources out there but, I knew that some are just out there to make money. I have learned to take the time to listen to and follow my intuition when choosing what to spend my time and money on.

It definitely helps to hear about other people’s spiritual journeys and how they learned and developed their abilities. However, I’ve discovered that the most helpful way to learn about my abilities was by looking inward. Prayer and meditation have taught me how to listen to the soft, positive voice within that so desperately wanted to guide me. Learning to be quiet, has helped me to discover that the answers that I had been longing for were in me all along. That voice told me to share my story. So, I began to open up to close family and friends and tell them about my spiritual experiences. I told them about the things I saw, felt and heard when I was around them.

By sharing with others, I was able to practice my abilities and understand them more. In the process of learning, I was also able to help others. It turned out that the information I received was actually messages for the people around me. These messages brought those I spoke with a sense of peace and comfort. They wanted the ones they cared about to have that same feeling. So, I was often asked to sit with their loved ones and that’s when I began to give readings.

After a while, I had the feeling that I needed to do more than just readings to help people. So, again, I looked inward and I was told “share your story” and “write”. That’s why this blog exists. So, if you’re here looking for answers or advice, I suggest that you learn to be quiet and look within to find your answers. Follow your intuition, your gut and listen to the soft, positive voice in your head. This is your journey, no one else’s. It won’t be exactly the same as anyone else’s and it’s not supposed to be. And don’t forget, you’re never done learning.

Are Spiritual Abilities Inherited?

I didn’t grow up with my grandmother in my life but, we connected when I was in college. During one of our first conversations she shocked me when she said that she knows I have “the gift”. My grandmother went on to say that she knows I see and hear things that others don’t. After a lifetime of keeping quiet about my experiences for fear of people thinking I was crazy, I was hesitant to say anything.

My grandmother went on to tell me about things that had happened to her and our relatives. I began to believe her because the stories she told me sounded so similar to my own.  It gave me a sense of relief and some comfort, in knowing that not only was I not crazy but I was not alone.

(My grandmother and mother)

Over the next few years, my grandmother gave me tips on how to spiritually protect myself and how to handle what was happening to me.  Although I was still having trouble completely believing that I had spiritual abilities but, I enjoyed the relationship we were developing.  We became close quickly.

Unfortunately, my time with my grandmother was cut short.  After her passing, I didn’t think much about the spiritual path my grandmother had started me on. Instead, I focused on the young family my husband and I were growing.  But, it wasn’t long before my interest was peaked again because my children started to have experiences that were all too familiar. If my children were to inherit “the gift” my grandmother told me about, I wanted to make sure that they grew up knowing what was happening and not grow up living in fear. So, I hit the books and began my journey to learning as much as I could about the spiritual world.

Needless to say, I do believe spiritual abilities can be inherited. However, I don’t think that spiritual abilities have to be inherited for someone to have them. I believe everyone is capable of communicating with Spirit. It’s a skill, like singing. Most of us are able to sing but, how well we can sing depends on our natural talent and training. However, there are some, like myself, who can sing but, even after training and years of practice, I’ll never be stage worthy. It’s all good though, it doesn’t keep me from singing.

Discovering My Spiritual Abilities

Discovering my abilities took time. And funny enough, it took others telling me that I was capable of connecting with unseen energies before I even considered the possibility. It wasn’t until I reconnected with my grandmother in my early twenties, that I was introduced to the idea of my experiences being a skill that I inherited, instead of a curse I was being punished with. Later on in my life, it was my family and friends that helped me embrace these skills.

My grandmother moved in with my mother and stepdad when I was away at college. I hadn’t seen her since I was very little but, I was able to build a relationship with her during my visits home. During one of our first conversations she told me “You have the Gift.” Her comment was out of the blue and took me by surprise, especially since I didn’t know her that well. However, after years of visiting with my grandmother, she helped me understand a few things about what she called “the gift” and how it was a family trait. My grandmother also taught me about Psychic Mediums but, I still hadn’t accepted the possibility of me having any of the same talents as the famous TV Psychic Mediums she introduced me to.

After my grandmother passed away, I didn’t think much about my spiritual abilities and I focused on my young growing family.  However, that didn’t stop my spiritual encounters from happening. To feel “normal” I started watching paranormal TV shows.  Then a reality show about a Medium opened my mind again.  Her stories and experiences were so similar to mine, it was hard to ignore.  Apparently, my mother had seen the same show and called me to tell me that the woman’s stories sounded very similar to the ones I told her when I was young.  My mom started to help me explore the possibility of me being Medium.  We read books and I began to practice meditating.

Soon after, I became close with a few new friends and shared my stories with them.  They allowed me to be myself and they did not judge me.  They actually encouraged me to explore and understand what I was able to do. They were supportive and loving throughout my entire discovery process.  These ladies were there for me when others turned away and I will forever be grateful for them.  They each brought me something that I needed most at that time. They were meant to be a part of my life during one of the most difficult times I have had to endure: coming out of the Psychic Closet.

With the support of my family, friends and my amazing husband, I was able to not only accept my ability to communicate with spiritual energy but, I was also able to find the courage to share this ability with others. It’s quite funny looking back on it now because I see how what I thought were mistakes and coincidences were all stepping stones to get me where I am now.  I am incredibly grateful to be able to help others with my spiritual abilities. I would like to think that when people speak with me, they find hope in knowing that there is life after death and that our loved ones are always around us, enjoying our lives with us.  I am forever grateful for each person and each experience that helped me to get where I am now.

Psychic Medium or Spiritual Medium?

A lot of people call me a Psychic Medium because I communicate with the spiritual world similarly to how well-known Psychic Mediums do.  However, that title just never felt like a good fit for me.  Especially in the beginning, when I didn’t feel worthy of having the same label as internationally known Psychic Mediums who had abilities well beyond my own.  Also, where I lived at the time, as soon as the word “psychic” comes out of your mouth, most people immediately labeled you crazy and stopped listening. 

But, I needed a way to describe what I do in less than a paragraph and I felt it should be my choice, as it is for everyone.  So, I prayed, meditated and asked for guidance on a different way to describe what I do.  After some time, I heard “Spiritual Sensitive”.  The word “spiritual” meaning: relating to or affecting spirit and the word “sensitive” meaning: quick to notice signals.  Calling myself a Spiritual Sensitive worked for me, for a long time.

However, after years of doing readings, people were still referring to me as a Psychic Medium or they were uncertain as to what to call me.  So, I did some more praying, meditating and some research.  I discovered that the name Psychic Medium is actually redundant. You see, psychics are people who can pick up on a living person’s energy.  Mediums are psychics who can communicate with the spiritual world in addition to picking up on a living person’s energy or spirit.  Therefore, all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. So, I thought to say “I’m a Medium” would be enough.

I tried calling myself Medium but, that had its own complications.  When I introduced myself to someone and said “Hello!  I’m Nicole.  I’m a Medium,”  I often had to go into much further explanation. It always began with explaining that I wasn’t sharing my shirt size. I realized that I needed an adjective to clarify that I was talking about what I’m able to do.  After some thought, I combined Psychic Medium and Spiritual Sensitive and got Spiritual Medium. My perfect fit was found and it’s what I now choose to call myself.

Hello!  I’m Nicole.  I’m a Spiritual Medium.