How to Smudge Your Home

There are lots of ways to spiritually cleanse your home. The most commonly known method is called smudging. Smudging is an ancient ritual practice performed by indigenous cultures. Super simplified, it is the burning of sacred plants or herbs for the use of the purifying properties of their smoke.  The smoke is believed to be... Continue Reading →

Why Are Mediums Called Mediums?

Very simply put, someone who can speak with spirits is called a medium.  You might be wondering, like I did, why "medium"? The word medium can be used to describe a way of achieving a goal but, it can also be defined as a middle position.  When relating this to the act of communicating with... Continue Reading →

What is a Medium?

Many people have different ideas as to what a medium truly is, even in the spiritual community.  Some people believe a medium is strictly someone who can communicate with the dead.  Others believe mediums and psychics are exactly the same. I can only share my own beliefs and hope they will help you decide what... Continue Reading →

Spirits and Curls

I know you're probably thinking, "What the heck do curls have to do with Spirit?".  Well, keep reading and I'll get there.  You see, I came into this world with curly hair, thanks to my dad's genes.  However, being my mother's only child born with curly hair, my mom had no idea how to manage... Continue Reading →

From Black Sheep to Shining Star

“Black Sheep” is probably an outdated phrase but, it makes so much sense and it’s the best way to describe that feeling of not belonging.  It refers to being the only black sheep in a field full of white sheep, standing out like a sore thumb.  Now imagine being the Black Sheep of your own... Continue Reading →

Meditation for Beginners

When so many people think that meditation requires complete silence, totally emptying your mind of thoughts, and loads of time, it can be an overwhelming idea especially when you have never tried it before.  Remember, everyone starts as a beginner and no one is expected to meditate like a monk whom has a lifetime of... Continue Reading →

How are Religion and Spirituality Different?

Many people confuse spirituality and religion.  They often use these words interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing. Both religion and spirituality are based on faith in something greater than us.  However, spirituality is a much broader concept than religion. What is religion?  Most people would agree that religion is an organized practice of... Continue Reading →

Why Self-Love and Ways to Practice It

Generation after generation is taught that in order to feel complete you must please those around you. You are trained to believe that you cannot be worthy of joy until you get the approval of your family, your friends, and your community. This means you are never taught to seek out acceptance from yourself and... Continue Reading →

Realigning Your Beliefs

You were brought into this physical life with established beliefs and guidelines that your family and community taught you to follow. These principles may vary from place to place and culture to culture but, no matter where you live, everyone is born into a world full of rules and expectations. Some of you may feel... Continue Reading →

What Happens on a Spiritual Journey

A spiritual journey is an ongoing quest to becoming the best version of you, through reflection, education and spiritual growth. It helps you understand yourself on the deepest level. It will also give you a better idea of what your purpose in this lifetime is, which is an important lesson to learn while here on... Continue Reading →

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