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Spiritual activity has surrounded me my entire life. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand what was happening until I was in my twenties. Thanks to reconnecting with my grandmother, I discovered that what I thought was a curse, was actually a God-given ability. My grandmother encouraged me to strengthen my relationship with God and taught me how to protect myself from negative energy.

As my faith in God grew, so did my spiritual abilities. It was frightening, confusing and overwhelming. So, I reached out to God and Spirit for guidance and began to trust in the messages I received. Those messages led me to people that I felt I could finally trust enough to share my experiences with them. In the process of opening up, I stumbled into readings. Honestly, in the beginning I thought I was just having a friendly chat where I told people what I saw, heard and felt when I was around them. I didn’t think of it as anything more than sharing what I was witnessing. It was something I’ve always experienced but was too afraid to tell anyone about before because I thought I was crazy. However, when people told me that what I shared made sense to them when it never made sense to me, the crazy feeling dissipated and was replaced with hope.

As more and more people asked to sit with me, I began to work on developing and strengthening my abilities by reading all the books and websites I could find. I reached out and spoke with others whom are aware of their spiritual gifts and asked about their experiences, newbies and veterans alike. My Spirit Team also continues to have a huge role in my knowledge and growth as a Medium thanks to mediation and spiritual nudges. I continue to learn and grow in my faith, knowledge and abilities in hopes of helping as many people as I can.

I have learned that I am able to connect to the spirit world with clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, psychometry, mediumship and empathic abilities. Thanks to the guidance from God, my grandmother, my Spirit Team and the many spirits I have had the privilege of communicating with along my journey, I have found my purpose in life. I now know that I am meant to help bring others comfort and peace by connecting them to the spirit world. I look forward to connecting with you too.

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