Why Are Mediums Called Mediums?

Very simply put, someone who can speak with spirits is called a medium.  You might be wondering, like I did, why "medium"? The word medium can be used to describe a way of achieving a goal but, it can also be defined as a middle position.  When relating this to the act of communicating with... Continue Reading →

What is a Medium?

Many people have different ideas as to what a medium truly is, even in the spiritual community.  Some people believe a medium is strictly someone who can communicate with the dead.  Others believe mediums and psychics are exactly the same. I can only share my own beliefs and hope they will help you decide what... Continue Reading →

Spirits and Curls

I know you're probably thinking, "What the heck do curls have to do with Spirit?".  Well, keep reading and I'll get there.  You see, I came into this world with curly hair, thanks to my dad's genes.  However, being my mother's only child born with curly hair, my mom had no idea how to manage... Continue Reading →

From Black Sheep to Shining Star

“Black Sheep” is probably an outdated phrase but, it makes so much sense and it’s the best way to describe that feeling of not belonging.  It refers to being the only black sheep in a field full of white sheep, standing out like a sore thumb.  Now imagine being the Black Sheep of your own... Continue Reading →

How to Prepare for a Reading

Readings are a three way conversation between you, Spirit and myself. I spend a hour before your appointment to prepare myself and my space to ensure you get the most out of your reading. It requires time and energy from me and Spirit to make sure you get the messages that you need to receive.... Continue Reading →

Protection Shield for Empaths

Empaths are able to pick up on the emotions and energy of the people and places around them. This can make going into crowded places difficult for an unprepared Empath. We can unknowingly collect the emotions from others and confuse them as our own. It can make a normally simple task, like running to the... Continue Reading →

I’m a Spiritual Medium, Now What?

When I finally accepted the fact that I am a Spiritual Medium, I was in a rush to learn. I was also eager to help anyone and everyone. Unfortunately, that is not how it works but, that didn't stop me from trying though. The truth is developing spiritual abilities takes time and patience. I'm always... Continue Reading →

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