What Your Departed Loved Ones Want You to Know

It has been my privilege to give spiritual mediumship readings for many people over many years.  I have been honored to be a part of many beautiful conversations between the living and their departed loved ones.  Along the way, I have found that many of the messages they have shared are similar. I would like to share some of them with you in hopes that they will bring you some peace and comfort during this holiday season and the whole year through.

The most common message shared is that those who have passed on are no longer suffering.  When a person passes and often before they pass, their soul leaves their physical form.  They usually stay present with their body to be with their family at the time of passing, if possible.  Once a soul leaves the physical world, they are no longer suffering physical pains nor are they limited by their body in any way.  

Your loved ones want you to know that your success is their success.  Keep in mind by “success” they do not mean the amount of material things or money that you have.  Success is seen as how you grow as a being, as a soul.  The type of person you work toward becoming or the person you have already become.  When you are a good person, you are doing right by your family, your ancestors, and your loved ones.  Your life is a testament to their sacrifices and their hard work.  You are their legacy.

When you are happy, they are happy.  When you are sad, they are sad with you and for you.  Those who have crossed over love you just as much now as they did when they were here, if not more.  They only want you to live a life full of bliss because they want the best for you.  They will also get to rejoice with you.  So, live your life to the fullest and find happiness whenever you can, if not for yourself for those you’ve lost.  This is also true for experiences.  Don’t cancel the trip you were meant to take with someone whom is not longer here in the physical world.  Go on that adventure and they will be right there with you, enjoying every minute.  When you do things that make you smile and laugh, they are smiling and laughing right along with you. 

Although they may not be with us in the physical world, our loved ones are with us all the time.  They will do their best to give you signs that they are around.  Here are a few examples of signs of their presence: leaving coins and feathers around for you, animals and insects that come close to you and/or your home, appearing in your dreams, playing songs on the radio, a familiar scent coming from nowhere, or even a gentle stroke of your hair.  So, don’t brush off these experiences.  Acknowledge them, appreciate them, and thank your loved ones for letting you know they are around.

Please know that your loved ones do see what is going on in your life.  When things are good, they are celebrating with you.  When life is a struggle, they are helping to guide you and lift you up.   Yes, they are watching over you and your family.  They have joined your spiritual team.  They help your guides and angels understand you on a human level.  They’ve got your back.  

Sharing the stories of those we have lost is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.  They are so grateful for you continuing to include them in the family.  It’s such a joy for them when you keep their picture up in your home, talk about them with your family and friends, light a candle for them on their birthday or the anniversary of their passing or even hang a stocking for them each Christmas.  Their memory lives on through you.

Speaking of sharing stories, spirits love it when you speak to them.  Whether you’re talking with them in the car on your way to work, in your bedroom as you get ready for bed or even when you’re cooking and cleaning, they hear you.  They really enjoy having those talks with you.  Many times you will hear them reply as a voice in your own head.  You might think, “Nah! I’m just talking to myself.”  However, it’s most likely they are speaking to you the easiest way the can, through thought.  So, pay attention the next time you have a chat because you might just hear their reply.

The most common regret I’ve heard from spirit, is that they didn’t express how much they loved those who mattered most to them when they were still in the physical world.  They often tell me that they didn’t know how.  So, an important message spirit would like to share is: “Tell those you love that you love them, as much as you can.  Hug them even when you’re upset with them.  Hold them when they let you.  Don’t keep your love to yourself because one day you’ll wish you hadn’t.”

One more thing they want to tell you “Thank you.  Thank you for remembering me.  Thank you for sharing my story.  Thank you for living my legacy.  Thank you for believing in me.  Thank you for letting me continue to be a part of the family.  Thank you for living your life so I can live it with you.  Thank you for loving me.”

May you see the signs from your loved ones.  May you feel their presence.  May you live your life to the fullest.  May the life stories of those you’ve lost be shared for generations.  May this article bring you some peace and help you see that you are not alone.  I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years.

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