Honoring Departed Loved Ones this Holiday Season

It can be really hard to be joyful during the holidays when all you can think about is how the person you want to be joyful with isn’t here. Christmas movies, holiday cards, and twinkly lights just aren’t the same when you’ve lost someone. However, it might be possible to make the holidays a little less painful by including your departed loved one in your holiday festivities.

I’ve learned through many readings that our loved ones want to be a part of our holiday celebrations, in life and in death. They also long to see us happy. So, here are a few ideas on how to honor and include your departed loved ones this holiday season and hopefully lift your spirits too.

  • Consider lighting a candle in memory of your loved one. You can light the candle each day through the holiday season or on the day of celebration. It’s totally up to you. Think about including your children with the safe option of a battery powered candle.
  • Displaying a photo of them is another thoughtful option. You could place your favorite framed photo of them near the Christmas tree or on the fireplace mantle with the stockings.
  • Making or getting an ornament for your tree that reminds you of them is a nice way to include your loved one in your holiday every year.
  • Hang a stocking for them on your fireplace. You could also allow family members to fill it with letters about their past year.
  • Save a seat for them at your holiday dinner table. Then take turns sharing happy memories about them.
  • After many readings, I have found that one of the things spirits ask for the most is that their stories be shared, especially with family. Talk about them whenever you can.

Although your loved one may not be here in the physical world, they live on in your memories. So, let them live on by talking about them. No matter how many times you’ve shared a story before, share it again. Talk about them as you light their candle or hang their ornament, when you frame their photo or fill their stocking. Grieving is important for us but, celebrating the life of our loved one is important to them.

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