What is a Medium?

Many people have different ideas as to what a medium truly is, even in the spiritual community.  Some people believe a medium is strictly someone who can communicate with the dead.  Others believe mediums and psychics are exactly the same. I can only share my own beliefs and hope they will help you decide what you believe a medium to be.

From my studies and experience, I have the understanding that a medium is someone who can have conversations with otherworldly beings and share their messages with people here in the physical world.  This ability is in addition to being capable of perceiving and sharing information obtained from the energy of souls who are currently having a human experience (aka, living people).

In order to become open to spiritual messages and understand them with clarity, a medium must raise their vibration to connect with high vibrational beings. As humans on the earthly plane, mediums are at a lower frequency than those they choose to communicate with.  Therefore they must raise their frequency and focus their attention on the energies of the spiritual world.  This is often accomplished with spiritual practices, like meditation and other rituals or actions that each individual medium finds helpful. 

Once the medium is in a state of receptiveness, they will be given messages through their Clair senses.  These senses allow mediums to experience energy and knowledge in a way that is less common.  However, these same senses are used by psychics.

Some people believe mediums are born and not developed.  However, I believe mediumship is a skill similar to singing.  Some people are born singing like angels.  Others sing well but need practice and training to reach a professional level.  Then there are people who enjoy singing but, if they are not dedicated to the practice and don’t make an effort with training, they will not get far with their singing but, they are still to sing for enjoyment.  I believe the same is true for mediumship and all other skills.

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