Why Are Mediums Called Mediums?

Very simply put, someone who can speak with spirits is called a medium.  You might be wondering, like I did, why “medium”? The word medium can be used to describe a way of achieving a goal but, it can also be defined as a middle position.  When relating this to the act of communicating with spirits, it makes sense.

As far as achieving a goal, artists use certain resources to achieve the goal of creating art.  These materials are called art mediums.  Paint, wood, yarn, fabric, and clay are just some of the art mediums that artists work with to help them communicate a message or story through their artwork.  Spirits also wish to share their messages and they too have access to resources to help them communicate.  Animals, electricity, music, dreams and humans are a few of the means by which spirit relays their messages.  So, if art mediums are materials and resources that artists use to express themselves, it would be fair to call the resources that spirits work with to express themselves “spiritual mediums”.  

Now, relating a medium to a middle position is not a rank of status.  It’s more bout the frequency at which they meet spirits in order to communicate.  You see, spirits are high vibrational beings and humans vibrate at a lower frequency.  This can make communication challenging.  In order for the human to relay the messages from spirit with more accuracy, they must meet each other halfway.  This means that the human must work to raise their frequency, while the spirit works to lower theirs.  This middle ground at which they meet can also be referred to as a “medium” frequency.  So, the human who meets the spirit at a medium frequency to deliver their messages could be referred to as a “medium”.

If this does not resonate with you, that’s totally fine. Take the knowledge that does and leave the rest behind. I am willing to say I could totally be wrong.  However, these are the answers I received when I was seeking guidance from my spirit guides early on in my spiritual journey.  Honestly, it is the conversation I had that led to the main reason why I call myself a Spiritual Medium.

If you thought mediums and psychics were the same thing, you are not alone. Please consider reading my blog post “What is the Difference between Psychics and Mediums?”. Are you still unsure as to what a medium actually does, check out my post “What is a Medium?”.

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