What is the Difference between Psychics and Mediums?

You have probably heard a saying that goes something like this: “all mediums are psychics but, not all psychics are mediums”.  This statement leads one to believe that if you are a medium, you have the abilities of a psychic, which I believe. However, it also implies that not all psychics are capable of becoming a medium. It is my understanding that psychics and mediums are different in only one small way.  

I believe psychics can read the energy of a spirit incarnate, a living human.  They can connect with a living person’s energy to see their past, present and usually, their potential futures.  Psychics gain information through their Clair senses, which allow them to receive images, sounds and feelings from the spirit of the person before them.  

Mediums use the same Clair senses to receive information from not only from the person they are working with but, also from many different kinds energies and spirits.  Mediums are able to converse with spirits of those who have departed the physical world, as well as spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, and other energetic beings.

I do believe psychics can become mediums if they choose to.  Honestly, I think everyone is born with psychic abilities and capable of developing mediumship skills.  It requires developing your trust in the spiritual world, your spiritual team and in your own intuition.  However, in order to become a medium you must also have the desire, the dedication, the knowledge, loads of practice, and most importantly you must nurture your soul with tons of self-love and endless healing practices.  Although, some are born naturally proficient at most mediumship abilities, even they are required to complete the same tasks to become a skilled medium.

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