How to Raise the Frequency of Your Vibrations

Frequency can be defined as the speed at which something vibrates. These vibrations give off waves of energy. Frequency or vibrations in a spiritual sense means the energy projected by a person, place or thing. We are lucky enough to have the ability to increase our “vibes” through actions and with emotions.

When we carry anger, jealousy, and/or guilt we give off a low frequency vibe. These low vibrations are related to a loss of confidence, lacking a sense of control, feelings of vulnerability, etc. Sickness also gives off a heavy or low vibration. This creates obstacles for life force energy and prevents it from flowing easily through our bodies.

High vibrations can come from being authentic, generous, joyful and/or loving. They are examples of high frequency energies. Healing usually occurs when low vibrations are transformed into high vibrations. By raising our frequency we encourage life force energy to freely flow through our energy field and heal our bodies.

Raising our vibrations can help heal our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. When we have high vibrations it makes it easier to communicate with your higher self and spiritual beings. Spiritual beings, including departed loved ones, guides, Angels and the divine are high frequency entities. As a Spiritual Medium it is required that I raise my frequency and that spiritual beings lower their frequency so that we may connect on a middle ground.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to raise your vibrations. You just have to make the decision and put in the effort. Here are a few ways to practice increasing your frequency:

  • Gratitude: Take a moment to be grateful for what you have in your life. List one thing at a time and truly appreciate each one.
  • Love: Think of people you love. Do activities you love. Look at or visualize something you love. Spread love, share love, be love. Love, love, love, love, love.
  • Compassion: Find ways to do for others. Donate to a shelter. Donate your time to those in need. Spread awareness for illnesses, charities, etc.
  • Hope: Hope is the center of positive of thinking. It allows us to see the best outcome of every situation.
  • Nature: Surround yourself with plants, indoors and/or outdoors. Get fresh air. Go for a hike. Sit in the grass. Hug a tree.
  • Animals: If you have pets, love on them regularly. Animals can sense your vibes as well as help raise them. Take advantage of your pets unconditional love and natural healing abilities.
  • Nutrition: Consume as much organic plant based foods as you can. Plants have a high vibration because they carry life force energy. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Movement: Exercise and dancing can help move energy through your body. This movement can release negative energies from your space and invite positive energies in.
  • Music: Singing, playing and listening to uplifting music are great ways to raise your frequency. The vibrations from the sound waves help break up stagnant energies stored in your body. This encourages the release of negative energy and welcomes positive energies in.
  • Crystals: The list is long for crystals that can help raise your vibes. Here are a few of my top favorites. Rose Quartz is a crystal connected to love of all kinds: self-love, unconditional love, etc. It removes anger and tension while encouraging confidence. Amethyst is a very high vibration crystal. It promotes a sense of joy but also provides protection from negative energy. Citrine vibrates with positivity and joy, while also assisting with self-confidence.

Choose an example that calls out to you and focus on it for a day or two. Once you feel comfortable with it, add one or two more. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself because that will just lower your vibes. Once you have raised your frequency, people around you and even animals will notice. You will also begin to see the world in a different and more joyful light. Get ready for the good vibes life and have fun!

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