Protection Shield for Empaths

Empaths are able to pick up on the emotions and energy of the people and places around them. This can make going into crowded places difficult for an unprepared Empath. We can unknowingly collect the emotions from others and confuse them as our own. It can make a normally simple task, like running to the... Continue Reading →

What is an Empath?

An Empath is someone who is able to pick up on energy other than their own. They often can sense the mental and emotional state of others. Many people don’t realize that they are Empaths but, rather misdiagnose the symptoms as signs of something else. Every Empath is different but, if you are an Empath,... Continue Reading →

I’m a Spiritual Medium, Now What?

When I finally accepted the fact that I am a Spiritual Medium, I was in a rush to learn. I was also eager to help anyone and everyone. Unfortunately, that is not how it works but, that didn't stop me from trying though. The truth is developing spiritual abilities takes time and patience. I'm always... Continue Reading →

Are Spiritual Abilities Inherited?

I didn't grow up with my grandmother in my life but, we connected shortly after I finished college. During one of our first conversations she shocked me when she said that she knows I have "the gift". My grandmother went on to say that she knows I see and hear things that others don’t. After... Continue Reading →

Discovering My Spiritual Abilities

Discovering my abilities took time. And funny enough, it took others telling me that I was capable of connecting with unseen energies before I even considered the possibility. It wasn't until I reconnected with my grandmother in my early twenties, that I was introduced to the idea of my experiences being a skill that I... Continue Reading →

Psychic Medium or Spiritual Medium?

A lot of people call me a Psychic Medium because I communicate with the spiritual world similarly to how well-known Psychic Mediums do. However, that title just never felt like a good fit for me. Especially in the beginning, when I didn’t feel worthy of having the same label as internationally known Psychic Mediums who... Continue Reading →

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