How a Medium Prepares for Readings

My goal as a Medium, is to deliver messages from the spiritual realm to you. For you to get the most out of your reading, I spend a hour preparing before your scheduled time. I ready my work space and myself to make it easier for Spirit to deliver the messages that you need to hear.

To get ready for a reading, I always begin by lighting a white candle and reciting the Lord’s Prayer. I then crack my window and cleanse the room’s energy with smoke from Sage or Palo Santo wood. I thank God and the Angels for removing all negative energy and negative spirits from the space. I also thank Them for only allowing positive energy and positive spirits into the space. I then cleanse my energy of any negativity, personal worries, doubts or concerns so that I may be a clear channel for the messages Spirit wishes to share.

For extra protection, I clear the space with Reiki. Then I use Reiki to clear any energy blocks from my Third Eye Chakra and activate it. This gives me the clarity I need to see between the physical world and the spiritual.

To open myself up to spiritual energies, I do a meditation that activates and balances my chakras. Often during this meditation, I begin to not only connect with Spirit but also with the energy of the person I am preparing to give the reading too. As I move divine energy through my chakras, Spirit will often begin to send me messages that relate to the reading. I make note of the messages and share them with my client when they call.

I finish up my preparations with a grounding meditation. This will allow the energy I receive during a reading to flow through me and return to the earth where it is cleansed. I also receive energy from the earth in return. This energy helps me to open up and enlarge the light within myself. This light is similar to a beacon for spirits and it’s my personal “open for business” sign. Then the call begins.

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