Psychic Medium or Spiritual Medium?

A lot of people call me a Psychic Medium because I communicate with the spiritual world similarly to how well-known Psychic Mediums do. However, that title just never felt like a good fit for me. Especially in the beginning, when I didn’t feel worthy of having the same label as internationally known Psychic Mediums who had abilities well beyond my own. Also, where I lived at the time, as soon as the word “psychic” comes out of your mouth, most people immediately labeled you crazy and stopped listening.

But, I needed a way to describe what I do in less than a paragraph and I felt it should be my choice, as it is for everyone. So, I prayed, meditated and asked for guidance on a different way to describe what I do. After some time, I heard “Spiritual Sensitive”. The word “spiritual” meaning: relating to or affecting spirit and the word “sensitive” meaning: quick to notice signals. Calling myself a Spiritual Sensitive worked for me, for a long time.

However, after years of doing readings, people were still referring to me as a Psychic Medium or they were uncertain as to what to call me. So, I did some more praying, meditating and some research. I discovered that the name Psychic Medium is actually redundant. You see, psychics are people who can pick up on a living person’s energy. Mediums are psychics who can communicate with the spiritual world in addition to picking up on a living person’s energy or spirit. Therefore, all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. So, I thought to say “I’m a Medium” would be enough.

I tried calling myself Medium but, that had its own complications. When I introduced myself to someone and said “Hello! I’m Nicole. I’m a Medium,” I often had to go into much further explanation. It always began with explaining that I wasn’t sharing my shirt size. I realized that I needed an adjective to clarify that I was talking about what I’m able to do. After some thought, I combined Psychic Medium and Spiritual Sensitive and got Spiritual Medium. My perfect fit was found and it’s what I now choose to call myself.

Hello!  I’m Nicole and I’m a Spiritual Medium.

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