Are Spiritual Abilities Inherited?

I didn’t grow up with my grandmother in my life but, we connected shortly after I finished college. During one of our first conversations she shocked me when she said that she knows I have “the gift”. My grandmother went on to say that she knows I see and hear things that others don’t. After a lifetime of keeping quiet about my experiences for fear of people thinking I was crazy, I was hesitant to say anything.

My grandmother went on to tell me about things that had happened to her and our relatives. I began to believe her because the stories she told me sounded so similar to my own. It gave me a sense of relief and some comfort, in knowing that not only was I not crazy but I was not alone.

Over the next few years, my grandmother gave me tips on how to spiritually protect myself and how to handle what was happening to me. Although I was still having trouble completely believing that I had spiritual abilities but, I enjoyed the relationship we were developing. We became close quickly.

Unfortunately, my time with my grandmother was cut short. After her passing, I didn’t think much about the spiritual path my grandmother had started me on. Instead, I focused on the young family my husband and I were growing. But, it wasn’t long before my interest was peaked again because my children started to have experiences that were all too familiar. If my children were to inherit “the gift” my grandmother told me about, I wanted to make sure that they grew up knowing what was happening and not grow up living in fear. So, I hit the books and began my journey to learning as much as I could about the spiritual world.

Needless to say, I do believe spiritual abilities can be inherited. However, I don’t think that spiritual abilities have to be inherited for someone to have them. I believe everyone is capable of communicating with Spirit. It’s a skill, like singing. Most of us are able to sing but, how well we can sing depends on our natural talent and training. However, there are some, like myself, who can sing but, even after training and years of practice, I’ll never be stage worthy. It’s all good though, it doesn’t keep me from singing.

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