The Molecular Magic of Healing Crystals

Humans working with crystals is not a “New Age” idea.  Crystals have been used throughout history in many different cultures around the world.  Their healing properties, seemingly magical abilities, and beauty have been utilized for centuries and continue to be.  Thanks to technology you are most likely tapping into the power of crystals right now... Continue Reading →

How to Clear, Charge and Program Crystals

Crystals have healing properties that have been utilized for centuries. You may be experienced with crystals or you may be new to the world of crystals, either way it is vital that you understand how to clear, charge and program your crystals when working with them. Here's the quick version: How to Clear/Cleanse Crystals -... Continue Reading →

10 Energy Clearing Essential Oils

When you think of clearing negative energy, you probably first think of smudging with the smoke of sacred plants like sage and palo santo. However, that method of cleansing might not work for you if you have respiratory issues or if you don’t like the smoky smell. Luckily there are other ways to clear unwanted... Continue Reading →

How to Clear Negative Energies

Unpleasant experiences can cause negative energies to collect in an area. Whether it’s a fight with your spouse, a time of grieving, or a bad day at work, these experiences can create less than desirable feelings in your space.  That space can be your car, your home, your office, a specific room, an object, and... Continue Reading →

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