Tina E. from Virginia

“Nicole Glosser, Spiritual Medium, has performed psychic mediumship readings, oracle card readings and Reiki healing sessions for me several times. I’ve always been skeptical of psychics, so I must admit that I tested Nicole at first. She passed the tests with flying colors. When she did the first reading, we didn’t know each other well, but she knew things that no other person did. She knew things that I had never told anyone. Even though I’ve now had many readings with Nicole, she always amazes me every time.

Nicole has done oracle card readings for me and it was very eye opening and prompted me to make some positive changes in my life that I didn’t think I was capable of. Nicole performed Reiki on me two years ago. She all but cured my digestive system pain. I had daily abdominal pain for years and now it is very infrequent and mild.

Nicole has unparalleled skill in the Spiritual and Healing Arts and I can’t wait for my next reading.”

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