Tammy R. from Texas

Nicole has been a blessing to me during the past year,  as I found myself on a grief journey  I never expected to be on. It was evident from the beginning,  when something guided me to her name,  as I was searching to find a way to communicate with my late husband, that she was the right choice.  Nicole has always been extremely accurate with details, my husband’s attitude, and facts when we have talked. During our Zoom Mediumship meetings, she was able to answer my questions and help me to understand the process better. She always reassured me, that it was our love and connection that brought him through, which was a great comfort. 

She  showed compassion and empathy towards me, even though I was an emotional mess at times. Nicole doesn’t like to brag on herself, but I could never say enough about how she has/is helping me as I am healing and getting stronger emotionally. I am learning to communicate and feel the connection between myself, my late husband, and my Spirit Guides because of what she is sharing and teaching me. 

Thank you Nicole for going above and beyond.  I am lucky to call you my friend.

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