Paul J. from North Carolina

“I lost my soul mate, my best friend, my wife of 26 years in October. It has been completely devastating. I didn’t know it was possible to hurt as bad as I did. I was really in a dark place. I was referred to Nicole and I had some doubts going into the call even after being referred and that person told me how amazing Nicole was. Let me tell you she is beyond amazing. She helped me start to climb out of that dark place. The things she told me no one knew. I told no one. So, there is no way anyone knew. It had to be my wife. She knew so many details that would be impossible for anyone to know. I was blaming myself for my wife passing. What if I took her to a different hospital? I should have taken her earlier? Without mentioning that to Nicole, she said to stop blaming myself and no more “should of”, “could of” or “if I”. And that was just one of the many things she couldn’t have known. But that one helped me so much. I blamed myself so much. And to know my wife said it wasn’t my fault, that I did all I could and that she didn’t suffer and she is always here with me. And she even told me what signs my wife was leaving. Anyway I know this is a long message but to Nicole I say “thank you”. You are a blessing, you don’t even know how much. I would recommend her in the highest regard. She is the real deal and she helped me so much. God Bless you, Nicole. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know my wife is thanking you also.”

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