Lisa C. from Virginia

“My time with Nicole profoundly changed my life! From the first minutes we spoke, I felt so comfortable with her and so inspired by her positivity and sincerity. Through our time together, I was able to talk to my grandparents and found so much peace and clarification on some very big issues. It’s difficult to put into words what those conversations are like, but it is one of my most cherished and significant life experiences. It was such an emotional and intense experience to share with a stranger but Nicole has the rare quality of making you feel completely at ease without any pretense or awkwardness. Her gift is awe inspiring for sure, but her presence and her genuine heart are her real gifts. Nicole was able to bring clarity and a sense of calm to a time in my life when things seemed overwhelming. She was able to connect to my grandparents and shared things that nobody else would know. It was such a profound experience; I laughed, I cried ( a lot) and I gained a powerful insight into who I am and the path I am meant to follow. We discussed my family and concerns/ questions that were pressing on my heart . Having those moments with the two people I respect and love more than anything was a gift that only Nicole could give me. The peace of mind I felt after our session was amazing. Nicole’s gift is powerful and her ability to connect to Spirit and to YOU are true blessings that she share so openly and so honestly. What a rare and amazing gift the entire experience was for me!”

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