Jenny A. from Virginia

“I’ve know Nicole for a really long time but the bond we have I knew was different than most. I didn’t realize the depth of that bond until the night she told me she was a Medium.

Was I surprised? Not as much as I thought I would be, it just made sense and then I knew why we had such a different relationship. Being by her side as all this unfolds was the only place I wanted to be.

This is a rare and an amazing gift from God and there are so many people who are skeptical or have turned their backs on her because of it.

She has only strengthened my relationship with God, brought peace to me by sharing words from my dearly departed family and friends. She has confirmed thoughts and feelings I have had and has given me happiness knowing my friends and family on the “other side” truly aren’t far away at all. 

I fully trust in her readings and her. Knowing Nicole and her abilities are a true blessing.”

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