Glenda C. from Hawaii

“Words cannot begin to describe how much joy and reassurance I feel after a session with Nicole. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

Nicole’s energy is by far extraordinary and her beautiful smile is very contagious. We connected instantly. I can feel how authentic and accepting she is. She will tell you straightforward and ask questions about you.

It also made me feel like I can interact with her on a whole different level.

Now I have to be honest I did go into the session with Nicole thinking, “okay, what can you tell me about myself that I don’t know.” I came into the session partial skeptic and was very careful not to give too much info.

I felt very comfortable talking to her and I was so excited to hear all the things she said. She thoroughly explains her process and a little about herself before she gets started which is great for anyone who has never had a reading before.

We went over our time and I felt like I was talking to an old friend that I knew for 20 years. I had two amazing sessions with Nicole and both sessions gave me so much insight and it inspired me to do the things I’m currently doing now. She is very thorough and answered all my questions. 

Nicole has an amazing gift and she’s very genuine and sincere. She takes her time to “pause” and allows messages to come through her. She’s highly Intuitive and very informative. She is remarkable and truly serving at the highest capacity by helping people to heal and relaying messages from loved ones who had passed. Nicole is truly incredible and her energy is remarkable. Her kindness to help others is very contagious, it really made me want to do the same. Thank you so much Nicole for all your help!”

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