Ginny K. from Virginia

“Nicole Glosser is an amazing Medium! The first time we met, she asked me if I’ve had 5 guinea pigs (yes), because she was seeing 5 guinea pigs around me. Nobody who has met me in 20 years knows about those guinea pigs, and since they predate social media, she’d have no way of knowing about them. That got my attention, along with some other personal things she said to me and I booked an official session with her later.

Her accuracy was astounding. Nicole described my friend’s farm in detail and told me that my (deceased) mom was saying this is the place where I started to find myself. That is true! That farm is where I was first introduced to Reiki, and I went on to study through the Karuna level because of those experiences. My mom came through and described our relationship and the dynamics in great detail, apologizing for certain things that nobody on the planet knew about besides my mom and myself.

I’ve had three readings with Nicole now, all of which have been extremely accurate and riddled with information nobody has but me. I’ve had readings with several other mediums over the years prior to meeting Nicole, and in my experience Nicole’s ability to help people connect with their departed loved ones is unmatched. On top of that, Nicole’s energy is beautiful, positive, happy, and comforting. She puts you at ease immediately. Sessions with Nicole are so very beneficial and healing. Thank you, Nicole!”

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