Protection Shield for Empaths

Empaths are able to pick up on the emotions and energy of the people and places around them. This can make going into crowded places difficult for an unprepared Empath. We can unknowingly collect the emotions from others and confuse them as our own. It can make a normally simple task, like running to the grocery store, a very draining and anxious experience for an Empath. So, knowing how to protect yourself as an Empath is always a good idea.

One way I prefer to spiritually protect myself before heading out the door is by using my very own Empath Shield. Unfortunately, if you work outside of your home, have kids or consume food, most likely you’ll have to leave your house at some point too. Luckily, you can also visualize an Empath Shield to prevent yourself from picking up the feelings of others. It might take you some time and practice but, once you get it, it will become second nature to you and your outings will be way less stressful.

First let me explain how an Empath Shield works. Each of us has energy centers that are called Chakras. The third chakra is the Solar Plexus, which is found below your rib cage and above your belly button. This Chakra keeps our emotions, energy and confidence in check. It is also the chakra that allows us to connect with energy outside of our own. Some people intuitively block their Solar Plexus from unwelcome energies with a physical barrier. Have you ever seen a person stand in a busy room with their arms crossed over their stomachs? Or a woman carry her purse firmly against the front of her body while out in public? How about a person sitting on a couch at a party holding on tightly to a pillow across their belly? Now, we don’t always have a pillow handy but, we can make our very own energetic boundary whenever we’d like. It’s often referred to as an Empath Shield.

If you’d like to create your very own Empath Shield, start by picturing a golden white light shining down on you from the sky above. The warm, healing light begins to fill your body from head to toe, like honey being poured into a jar. Once you are full of the golden light, it begins to expand beyond your body. Then the light outside of your body begins to gather in front of your belly, more specifically, in front of your Solar Plexus Chakra. Now picture this collection of light forming into the shape of a shield, or some other form that makes you feel protected from foreign energies.

I, myself, like to picture the light creating a translucent golden circular shield in front of my abdomen. If I’m feeling more vulnerable, I create a light shield behind my Solar Plexus as well. I have a friend that prefers to visualize a golden corset, similar to Wonder Woman, wrapped around the lower half of her torso. Another friend finds she feels safest envisioning a golden championship wrestling belt around her waist. No matter what imagery you decide to use, what matters most is truly believing that it will block you from unwanted emotions and energies.

It is best to activate your Empath Shield before leaving your home but, it can be activated at any time. After lots of practice, you’ll find that you just have to think “Empath Shield” and there it is. Also, this Empath Shield may come in handy in other times, like when you are consoling a distraught friend. I hope this visualization works for you. If you would like more ideas on Empathic protection visit my post: “How to Protect Yourself as an Empath”. Don’t give up on finding what works best for you. You are worth it! Take care!

What is an Empath?

An Empath is someone who is able to pick up on energy other than their own. They often can sense the mental and emotional state of others. Many people don’t realize that they are Empaths but, rather misdiagnose the symptoms as signs of something else.

Every Empath is different but, if you are an Empath, you will be able to relate to most of the characteristics listed below:

  • People are drawn to you. They feel unusually comfortable sharing not only their life stories but also their personal struggles with you.
  • You love to help others. However, you have to be careful to not put the needs of others above your own.
  • You dislike and are not good at small talk. You would much rather have deep conversations about something that requires open minds and a whole lot of contemplation.
  • You are a natural healer and are often found working in healing related professions: doctors, nurses, counselors, massage therapists, etc.
  • You feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed and probably even drained when around large groups of people. You often need time alone to recharge.
  • Natural peacekeepers are usually Empaths. You prefer to avoid confrontation. When you do get angry, it isn’t for long.
  • Nature and animals are your preferred company. They help you feel recharged because their energy is pure and commonly not complicated.
  • You are probably very creative, imaginative, inquisitive and affectionate.
  • People tell you more than what they are saying with their body language, tone and energy. This allows you to recognize when someone is being truthful or not.
  • Although Empaths can spot a lie, your loving nature bypasses that intuitive feeling and you give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • You stay clear of the news because it can make you feel emotionally overwhelmed.
  • Some Empaths can even feel the physical ailments and/or emotional struggles of others without even trying. This can cause an Empath to appear to have sudden “mood swings”. However, it’s actually the Empath picking up on another person’s energy.

If you believe you are an Empath, these abilities can be a blessing or a curse. They are what you make of them and it’s totally your choice. How will you move forward with your new found powers?