“Nicole has been a blessing to me during the past year,  as I found myself on a grief journey  I never expected to be on. It was evident from the beginning,  when something guided me to her name,  as I was searching to find a way to communicate with my late husband, that she was the right choice.  Nicole has always been extremely accurate with details, my husband’s attitude, and facts when we have talked. During our Zoom Mediumship meetings, she was able to answer my questions and help me to understand the process better. She always reassured me, that it was our love and connection that brought him through, which was a great comfort. 

She  showed compassion and empathy towards me, even though I was an emotional mess at times. Nicole doesn’t like to brag on herself, but I could never say enough about how she has/is helping me as I am healing and getting stronger emotionally. I am learning to communicate and feel the connection between myself, my late husband, and my Spirit Guides because of what she is sharing and teaching me. 

Thank you Nicole for going above and beyond.  I am lucky to call you my friend.”

-Tammy R., Texas

“I lost my soul mate, my best friend, my wife of 26 years in October. It has been completely devastating. I didn’t know it was possible to hurt as bad as I did. I was really in a dark place. I was referred to Nicole and I had some doubts going into the call even after being referred and that person told me how amazing Nicole was. Let me tell you she is beyond amazing. She helped me start to climb out of that dark place. The things she told me no one knew. I told no one. So, there is no way anyone knew. It had to be my wife. She knew so many details that would be impossible for anyone to know. I was blaming myself for my wife passing. What if I took her to a different hospital? I should have taken her earlier? Without mentioning that to Nicole, she said to stop blaming myself and no more “should of”, “could of” or “if I”. And that was just one of the many things she couldn’t have known. But that one helped me so much. I blamed myself so much. And to know my wife said it wasn’t my fault, that I did all I could and that she didn’t suffer and she is always here with me. And she even told me what signs my wife was leaving. Anyway I know this is a long message but to Nicole I say “thank you”. You are a blessing, you don’t even know how much. I would recommend her in the highest regard. She is the real deal and she helped me so much. God Bless you, Nicole. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know my wife is thanking you also.”

-Paul J., North Carolina

“Me and my family are so thankful for having found Nicole on our path and for the healing her gift has afforded us. We have healed immensely since we last spoke and that is in part due to Nicole. I’m humbled to be a part of her upliftment. It certainly feels like we are all in this together and supporting each other.”

-Shawna B., California 

“My time with Nicole profoundly changed my life! From the first minutes we spoke, I felt so comfortable with her and so inspired by her positivity and sincerity. Through our time together, I was able to talk to my grandparents and found so much peace and clarification on some very big issues. It’s difficult to put into words what those conversations are like, but it is one of my most cherished and significant life experiences. It was such an emotional and intense experience to share with a stranger but Nicole has the rare quality of making you feel completely at ease without any pretense or awkwardness. Her gift is awe inspiring for sure, but her presence and her genuine heart are her real gifts. Nicole was able to bring clarity and a sense of calm to a time in my life when things seemed overwhelming. She was able to connect to my grandparents and shared things that nobody else would know. It was such a profound experience; I laughed, I cried ( a lot) and I gained a powerful insight into who I am and the path I am meant to follow. We discussed my family and concerns/ questions that were pressing on my heart . Having those moments with the two people I respect and love more than anything was a gift that only Nicole could give me. The peace of mind I felt after our session was amazing. Nicole’s gift is powerful and her ability to connect to Spirit and to YOU are true blessings that she share so openly and so honestly. What a rare and amazing gift the entire experience was for me!”

– Lisa C., Virginia

“I met Nicole through my daughter. I was afraid that when she sat down with me that there was nothing to say. But boy was I wrong. The first person that she told me about was my grandma. It was so emotional and also so moving. She is blessed with a gift that I can not even explain. She has brought me so much closer to my grandmother in her after life than when she was on the earth with us. I can not thank her enough for this experience.”

-Rose S., New York

“This woman is simply amazing. Nicole’s warm personality and friendliness make it easy to be open to receiving messages. My first reading was spent asking questions because I was curious on how this was working, and her willingness to share her experiences made the skeptic in me open up. All of her messages were spot on, down to details. Readings with her have been a force in my spiritual journey and personal growth over the past several years. My faith has grown more and I owe a lot of that to her. I value and respect her as both a friend and an “Eli” in my life. Her strong Christian faith guides her and her servant heart is evident. Readings with her have provided comfort, acceptance, and understanding, and peace in the mourning of lost loved ones. I am so very thankful for her, and she truly has a wonderful gift from God.”

– Heather S., Virginia

“Nicole is very genuine, funny and makes you feel so comfortable. Her readings are spot-on. I enjoy my time with her and the spirits. I have had other readings done and Nicole, by far, has been the best. If you are considering having a reading done or have questions, I would definitely recommend that you call Nicole.”

– Laura H., Michigan

“I have had several readings with Nicole and each experience has been amazing! She is so warm and welcoming and always makes me feel very comfortable. Her readings have been very accurate and she does a great job at conveying messages from Spirit. She is the real deal and I would recommend her to anyone!”

– Lynn B., Michigan

“I’ve know Nicole for a really long time but the bond we have I knew was different than most. I didn’t realize the depth of that bond until the night she told me she was a Medium.

Was I surprised? Not as much as I thought I would be, it just made sense and then I knew why we had such a different relationship. Being by her side as all this unfolds was the only place I wanted to be.

This is a rare and an amazing gift from God and there are so many people who are skeptical or have turned their backs on her because of it.

She has only strengthened my relationship with God, brought peace to me by sharing words from my dearly departed family and friends. She has confirmed thoughts and feelings I have had and has given me happiness knowing my friends and family on the “other side” truly aren’t far away at all.

I fully trust in her readings and her. Knowing Nicole and her abilities are a true blessing.”

Jenny A., Virginia

“I presented Nicole with two objects and asked if she “got” anything from them. I was careful to remain emotionless so as not to “give clues” or influence her in any way. The first item, she said, gave no messages. When she held the second, she began to describe a scene in great detail. The first item I had given her was just a bauble I had picked up at a yard sale. The second had belonged to a family member. The scene she described was of the night he died.

I am continually amazed by Nicole’s God-given gifts and her determination to hone her skills so she can help more and more people.”

– Tina E., Virginia

“A few years ago my life changed in one afternoon. I met Nicole. I will never forget the reading and the time I spent with her. I cried, I laughed and so many memories and truths came alive. I felt peace and longed for more interactions with her and the time I spent with everyone who was there. She opened my heart and my mind and continues to do so. Much love.”

– Rachel W., Virginia

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